Former sex slave reveals horrific injuries inflicted by her traffickers

  • Heartbreaking images of a mutilated human trafficking victim lay bare the brutal abuse inflicted on women forced into the sex trade.

    Huge purple bruises, long scars and deep burns cover the body of the victim with an aid worker revealing she was beaten within an inch of her life after a failed escape bid.

    The pictures have been released by Austrian national Norbert Ceipek in a bid to raise awareness of the horrific consequences of the trade in people. Ceipek moved to Bulgaria after retiring and opened a centre to help victims of human trafficking.

    He said: "A young woman, 20, got to know a young man who promises her all his love and takes her to the Netherlands. When she arrives, she realises that she has to walk the streets with another Bulgarian and two Nigerians.

    She does not want to but by beating and other compulsive measures she complies and prostitutes herself eight months." Pictures of the victim show head trauma, a long scar on her stomach, and severely swollen lips, nose and eyes from multiple beatings.

    Ceipek said: "During a visit back to their home country both Bulgarians tried to escape from their location, but unfortunately she was caught by him [the pimp] and brought back.

    As the second woman managed to flee, he became so angry that he began to beat the young woman so much and also struck her with objects that she almost died."
    The victim was eventually thrown out of a car in front of a hospital.

    Her human trafficker captor was later arrested. The Bulgarian hospital gave the victim primary care but she was discharged after five weeks as she did not have health insurance and was unable to pay.

    In those months she was forced to work as a prostitute in The Hague. The young woman ended up in Ceipek's shelter and is now trying to fundraise the costs needed for additional treatment. 📸: Sun UK

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