US anti-missile system to launch in South Korea

South Korea has confirmed that it will temporally deploy a controversial US missile defence system designed to intercept North Korean warheads.
The final four of six Terminal High-Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) launchers will become operational in the village of Seongju after the environment ministry gave its approval.
Two batteries were installed in April causing outrage among villagers, who said that radiation from the launchers would damage their health and crops.
Seoul said in June that it would hold off installing the remaining components until it completed an assessment of their environmental impact, which officials have now deemed to be “minimal”.
Officials have conceded that that regular radiation assessments must be observed by local residents, with results being made available to the public.
China has also protested the anti-missile system, which is says “gravely harms the strategic security interests of China, Russia and other countries in the region.(US Express)

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