NOBLE| Egyptian Hajj pilgrim returns bag with cash and jewelry belonging to a Nigerian

  • A pilgrim who found a bag containing cash and jewelry has been praised for his honesty after he handed it over to authorities, Arabnews reports. 

    Lutfi Mohammed Abdulkarim, from Egypt, was looking for pebbles to perform the rami Al-Jamrat ritual in Mina when he found the unattended bag. He asked around, but could not find the owner. 

    Inside the bag, as well as the valuables, Abdulkarim found an ID card suggesting it belonged to a Nigerian woman. He handed the bag over to officials from King Salman’s Hajj and Umrah Program, of which he is a guest. 

    Ahmed Jailan, a member of the program’s Sharia committee, said: “The pilgrim is with us in the program after one of his sons, a police officer, was killed in his country. He is of high moral standards and a good example of the guests of the program.” 

    The bag and its contents will be returned to their owner, Jailan said. “This emphasizes the meaning of solidarity and cooperation.” He said he hoped all pilgrims would follow such a good example.

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