Militants Behead Mullah In Northern Afghanistan

Islamic State militants in Afghanistan’s northern Sar-i-Pul province, have beheaded a local mullah in the area for allegedly practising sorcery, officials said on Thursday.
“The incident happened in the Ganda area of Sayad district on Tuesday,” Mohammad Noor Rahmani, head of the provincial council for Sar-i-Pul, said.
Rahmani said the victim was an ordinary mullah who was just offering amulets to the people.
According to a report by Khamma press, an Afghan News Agency, the victim was beheaded by the local Islamic State commander Qari Sher Mohammad for sorcery.
Talismans or amulets contain Koranic verses called “taweez;” they are widely believed to help with sickness and other problems.
However, extremist groups like Islamic State view the “taweez” as idolatry and consider it to be against their religion.
According to media reports, Islamic State militants beheaded three civilians in March in Eastern Nangarhar province’s Achin district.

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