Earthquake in Greece kills two, injures 100

A strong quake has hit the Greek and Turkish coast on the Aegean Sea killing two people and injuring a hundred people on the Greek island of Kos.
Regional official Giorgos Halkidios was quoted that roads and buildings on the Turkish coast and Greek islands sustained significant damage.
Island mayor Giorgos Kyritsis has also confirmed the incident and the deaths.
He said the people died after a roof collapsed on them in a pub, Sputnik reported on Friday.
The magnitude of 6.7 earthquake struck at 1:31 a.m. local time, triggering several strong aftershocks.
It also caused a small tsunami wave that flooded the coastline in nearby Turkey but reportedly did not cause major damage.
The US Geological Survey said the epicentre was 6 miles southeast from the Turkish port city of Bodrum.
The casualties occurred on the Greek island of Kos, a major tourism destination, the island’s mayor said.
Fleur Zethoven‏ in a tweet reported: “Last advice of the police in #kos: Don’t go to the beaches for at least 2 hours.
Police is checking houses.”

In another tweet, he said he got in touch with his sister and friends on the island Kos.
“The water is rising from the sea,” he said.

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