DMX arrested, charged with evading $1.7m in taxes, faces 44 years in prison

  • According to TMZ, DMX is in trouble with the government. The rapper was slapped with 14 counts of tax evasion and he has already surrendered to law enforcement. 

  • Apparently, the rapper has been concealing his income for several yeas and now owes the IRA some $1.4 million in unpaid taxes. 

    Records show that he has been avoiding using personal bank accounts, had used surrogates, including his business managers, and lived on cash. 

    The records continued, noting that the rapper was paid $125,000 for appearing on a TV show Couples Therapy, but when the cheque came in and saw that tax was withheld, he demanded for a new cheque with full amount, and got it. 

    The documents also listed the 2011 and 2012 income which he hid, which were $353k and $542k, respectively. And in 2013, when he reported income, he noted $10k, when in fact he earned $250k that year. 

    This is really sad news for the rapper who has been battling personal issues, because TMZ notes that he turned himself in yesterday and may be indicted soon. If he is convicted of all 14 counts, he may be slammed with 44 years prison sentence.

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