Couple Commit Suicide Together Because Of Debt

  • The couple who jumped to their deaths from a 17-story New York City office building Friday morning, after struggling with debt, have been identified. Chiropractor Glenn Scarpelli and his wife Patricia, ages 53 and 50, are the victims in the early morning suicide.

    They lived close to Wall Street with their two children, Isabella, 20, and Joseph, 19. But they traveled uptown, to Glenn's recently closed chiropractic practice, just a block from the Empire State building, to commit suicide.

    They jumped from a window of the ninth-floor office around 5:45am, dying as they fell on the hard asphalt of East 33rd Street, near Madison Avenue. 

  • Public records showed that Glenn owed about $213,000 to the federal government and nearly $42,000 to the state in unpaid taxes dating back to 2003.

    But they still managed to send their two kids to private school, at the elite Loyola School on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Tuition at the Jesuit-run Catholic school is $8,905 for the current year. 

    The Scarpellis had a history of financial problems and had been pursued for dozens of outstanding tax liens by federal and city authorities since at least 1998.

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