Donald Trump arrives in Israel

US President Donald Trump has arrived in Israel as he continues his first foreign trip.
He flew in from Saudi Arabia, a key US ally, where he gave a speech to Arab and Muslim leaders at a summit.
Mr Trump will hold talks with both Israeli and Palestinian leaders during the course of his two-day stop.
The president has called an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement "the ultimate deal", but has been vague about what form it should take.
    "Young Israeli and Palestinian children deserve to grow up in safety, and to follow their dreams free from the violence that has destroyed so many lives," said Trump, in remarks alongside Israeli President Reuven Rivlin in Jerusalem on Monday.
    "Thank both you and Prime Minister (Benjamin) Netanyahu for your commitment to achieving peace between Israelis and Palestinians," Trump told Rivlin. "I also look forward to discussing the peace process with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.
    "On his arrival in Tel Aviv, Mr Trump said he hoped the US and Israel could work together in an era of "harmony, prosperity and peace"

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