Boss steals Ugandan housemaid's kidney, abandons her in the hospital

This world is really full of wickedness. This sad story was shared on Facebook by Ritah Kaggwa. 

According to the story, a Ugandan lady had travelled to Oman to work as a maid, the boss stole her kidney and disappeared with it, abandoning the poor lady in the hospital.

Read the story as shared by Ritah Kaggwa

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Please Ritah we need your help it's urgent , if possible involve human rights, there is a lady called Nakato Emily who had just come in Oman working as a house help for like 3 months, I recieved a call from her husband last week to go check on her since her line wasn't going thru on reaching were she was working i was told she was in hospital far from muscat, reaching the hospital asking for her details I was directed to a room of those that have just been operated,
I walked to her bed were she was recovering from only to tell me that she found herself in hospital, she narrated she was well and doing her chores well her boss called her up with some strange people dragged her then chroloformed her (bamukubye kalifomu) then took her to hospital, operated her, so when I begged some Indian Dr to tell me why she was operated , the doctor said they had just removed her KIDNEY that her boss is away to process her travel documents back to Uganda
Ritah please let everyone share this message anyone that knows who can help us with this matter reach out to me , she laying in hospital with a wound bleeding with pain and her boss disappeared with her kidney , I went to Kenya embassy since Uganda has no embassy in Oman but nothing much they can do they contacted Royal police .
That's her Current situation, her kids in Uganda and her Husband who is currently in SA it's all she's talking about, she needs prayers and support
That's the hospital were she's been admitted

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