Those who think I'm a problem should wait till they see my children, they are tigers-Sanusi

Muhammad Sanusi II, Emir of Kano, says people who think he is troublesome will have a lot more to deal with when his children come on the scene.

The emir said this in a video message to the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) group at the Chibok girls’ inaugural lecture in Abuja on Friday. He commended the group for its persistent demand for the rescue of the girls.

According to The Cable, he said the abduction of the Chibok girls raised questions about governance. Sanusi also urged the BBOG group to broaden its area of advocacy to include women and gender issues.

The monarch, who was not present at the lecture, sent his daughter, Shahida, to represent him. He said he decided to send his daughter because she had demonstrated she would not take abuse from any man.

“Those who are opposed to my views or think I am a problem have a much bigger problem to deal with in the next generation of the Sanusis,” he said. “They are far more radical, they are far more progressive, they far more committed and they are far more fearless.

“So, it is time we address all these issues before these tigers come on the scene.” 

Today marks the third anniversary of the abduction of 276 girls. While 81 of the girls have regained freedom, 195 of them are still in captivity. 

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