Skeletal Remains of 22-year-old Nigerian Who Went Missing in the U.S Discovered

Susan Anyanwu-Corbin, a 22-year-old Nigerian resident in Boston  had gone missing in February 2016. She was never found neither was her remains found.

However, a slim bracelet found with the remains of a young woman discovered in a patch of Dedham woods last week had an engraving that said “peace.”

When authorities seeking help released a photo of the bracelet Friday, someone came forward immediately with a crucial tip: Susan, who had gone missing,  had a bracelet just like that.

Working over the weekend, forensic investigators were able to confirm that the remains matched dental records for Anyanwu-Corbin, a Nigerian immigrant who was last seen in February 2016.

Police are now looking for information about her disappearance. Anyanwu-Corbin, described as outgoing and caring, may have been missing for as long as three months before an uncle, George Corbin, reached out to the police.

Anyanwu-Corbin left Nigeria shortly before her 18th birthday, sponsored by another family member. She attended West Roxbury High School for a time before switching to an alternative diploma program for working adults, while working a series of retail jobs.

Her remains were discovered by a man walking through a low-lying pocket of woods just beyond busy High Street in Dedham, between the back of the town’s municipal “snow dump” and the edge of Brookdale Cemetery.

Information so far gathered  does not establish that there was or was not foul play associated with her disappearance and death.

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